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Manaslu Guides Nepal Bardiya National Park

The 968 sq. km. Bardiya National Park, one of the biggest parks in Nepal, is situated in the Western Terai. The park is home to a variety of birds, reptiles, and endangered species, including the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. Bardiya National Park's remote setting and one of the last herds of wild elephants are two of its key draws. In Nepal, Bardiya is the home to numerous deer species.
Sambhar, the largest deer in the Indian subcontinent with a shaggy coat and thick antlers, Swamp Deer, Barasingha, and the park's smallest deer, the reddish-colored Barking Deer, are the six species of deer that can be found there. Chital, also known as the Spotted Deer, has its ubiquitous white spots on a brown coat. This package is intended for anyone who want to learn more about rare and endangered species as well as the true beauty of nature.