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Jungle Safari

Nepal is widely recognized for its jungle jungles in addition to its mountain peaks and the view of the Himalayas. Several different types of deer, sloth bears, leopards, wild boars, freshwater dolphins, and the elusive Royal Bengal tigers are among the uncommon animals that can be found in this area. Wildlife lovers will undoubtedly enjoy going on a safari through the forest in Nepal's renowned Royal Chitwan National Park.
We are happy to introduce the Sauraha jungle safari adventure in Nepal, where visitors may fully experience the country's wildlife. With this package, you'll get the opportunity to stay at an opulent hotel with chic accommodations right in the heart of Chitwan National Park. You will enjoy the Rapti river, which runs next to the hotel, in addition to having access to the national park. A little hotel with all the amenities is included in this package as the forest wildlife camp. Elephants, grasslands, marsh, various varieties of animals and birds, including endangered species, are the package's main draws. Additionally, you will have the opportunity to sample traditional Nepali cuisine, like Daal Bhaat, Gundruk, and much more.


Chitwan National Park

The best places to view wildlife and nature are in the lowlands of the middle Terai region, where Chitwan National Park is situated. In Nepal's southern area, this park spans 932 square kilometers. It has more than 43 different kinds of mammals, including the one-horned rhinoceros, tigers, gharial crocodiles, and numerous other widespread wild species. 

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Bardiya National Park

The 968 sq. km. Bardiya National Park, one of the biggest parks in Nepal, is situated in the Western Terai. The park is home to a variety of birds, reptiles, and endangered species, including the elusive Royal Bengal Tiger. Bardiya National Park's remote setting and one of the last herds of wild elephants are two of its key draws. In Nepal, Bardiya is the home to numerous deer species.

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Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve

The Koshi Tappu Wildlife Reserve is located in eastern Nepal on the Sapta-Koshi flood plain, one of the three major tributaries of the Ganges. It extends to the Indian border south of the Sapta Koshi. Most of it is tall grassland with a few patches of khair-sissoo scrub forest and deciduous mixed riverine forest. The Eastern Himalaya, which includes Makalu (8475 m), the fifth-highest mountain in the world, lies in the background. With a kilometer-long barrier that spans the Koshi River, the reserve's territory stretches 175 square kilometers to the north.

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