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Manaslu Guides Nepal Eco Friendly Tourism

With the moto of preserving the nature for the further generation to see them too what their ancestor has seen, eco-tourism has been established. We promote to travel the travelers without effecting the nature, cultural heritage, natural heritage and so on. Lying in the lap of mountains we are promoting our mountains to be one of the brilliant and recognizable eco- tourism stations of the world. We call ourselves as an eco-friendly travel agency because we give our clients environment friendly travel and promote to protect the flora and fauna and its habitat. We say that it is the most powerful appliance for the awareness to protect the resources available in our nature and history. Manaslu region is one of the most promotes and targeted area for the tourism because as everyone knows in 2015 the earthquake hit Nepal and the main area affected was Manaslu region and we are promoting to give direct economic benefit to the local people around there and rebuild what has been destroyed in that region also, teaching and learning the cultural activities of the same region.
We had a small survey on where people prefer to travel and the result was: Most of the people prefer to travel in the hills, forests and mountains because of the peace, greenery and fresh air. These regions are the nature gifted region of Nepal. So, we are volunteering our locals for the sanitization, risks of deforestation, sanitation and protection of the eco-system.
While organizing a trek from our company, we provide
local guides and porter from the same region because they are well certified trainers and knows the knowledge of every single thing of the place so that they can share their knowledge to our clients; when the tourists are eager for the appreciation of the fabulous nature of our country. They admire and inspire us for the protection of our nature as they are travelling from various countries to visit this region. As a bonus they also get to know our culture and history with visual appearance. We preserve this so that their coming generation can also see what their ancestors appreciated and we can show them in coming future same.
The destination or the trip may not be infrastructural outstanding but is the pure culture of the nature. One of the comforts of eco-tourism is; helping the environmental awareness.
We are promoting the rural areas of the country because the tourist can get involved in new culture and lifestyle of the people which they were unknown till now. Supporting the village tourism, the activities like planting trees, conservation, growth of agriculture, interchange of culture are done.