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Homestays in Nepal Provide Genuine Nepali Hospitality—Learn About the Local Food, Culture, and Scenic Beauty for a Memorable Stay!

Real Homestays Will Let You Feel Nepali Culture's Warm Feeling: Enjoy Delicious Food, Immerse Yourself in Local Traditions, and Be Awed by Nepal's Natural Beauty! Our cultural homestays provide a special opportunity to interact with the people, learn about their cultures and beliefs, and make unforgettable memories. These opportunities are available everywhere, from the picturesque streets of Bhaktapur to the serene hills of Bandipur and the stunning beauty of Sirubari. Our local hosts are excited to share their knowledge and hospitality with you, whether you're interested in local dance performances, pottery classes, or hiking excursions. Reserve your stay today to see Nepal in all its glory!

Sirubari Homestay Tour (First Homestay in Nepal)

A small village in Nepal's Syangja region, Sirubari is renowned for its scenic beauty and cultural diversity. For those looking for a fully immersive cultural experience and a chance to interact with the locals, it is the ideal location. Visitors have the chance to stay with a local family at Sirubari Homestay and learn about their way of life. 


Accommodations in Sirubari:

Sirubari Homestay provides cozy lodging in old-fashioned houses. The houses include basic facilities like hot water, electricity, and Wi-Fi and are constructed from local materials like mud, stones, and wood. Visitors can observe people's simple way of life and discover more about their culture and traditions.


Local Food in Sirubari:

The Sirubari Homestay serves up authentic Nepali food, including dal-bhat-tarkari (rice, lentil soup, and vegetable curry), momos, and sel roti (sweet fried bread). As well as learning about the ingredients and cooking methods, tourists may sample the genuine flavors of the local food.


Cultural Events in Sirubari:

The Sirubari homestay offers a range of cultural events, such as traditional dance performances, music, and singing. The local festivals are open to visitors, who can also take part in the festivities. Also, the hosts can arrange workshops in weaving, pottery making, and wood carving.


Natural Beauty in Sirubari:

The picturesque hills and mountains that surround Sirubari give tourists the chance to see Nepal's unspoiled natural beauty. The terraced fields, woodlands, and rivers may all be seen when walking through the village. The hosts can also arrange excursions by hiking and trekking to local places like the Rupa Lake or the Kalika Temple.


Local Hosts in Sirubari:

Staying with a local family in a homestay program like Sirubari can give guests the chance to get to know the community's residents and learn about their way of life. The hosts can provide insight into the potential and challenges of living in a rural community as well as share their knowledge of the local culture, customs, and traditions.


Bhaktapur Homestay Tour

Bhaktapur, a historic city in Nepal's Kathmandu Valley, is renowned for its rich cultural heritage. In Bhaktapur, staying with a local family can be a wonderful way to get a taste of local life and become fully immersed in Nepalese culture.

Accommodations in Bhaktapur:

Traditional Newari homes, guesthouses, and lodges are just a few of the lodging options available in Bhaktapur for homestays. The majority of homestays provide cozy rooms with standard amenities like hot water, electricity, and Wi-Fi.

Local Cuisine in Bhaktapur:

The variety of Nepalese cuisine makes it possible for guests living in homestays to sample the regional dishes. The majority of the homestays in Bhaktapur provide typical Newari food, such as Chatamari (Newari pizza), Bara (lentil patties), and Yomari (sweet rice cake).

Cultural Activities in Bhaktapur:

Bhaktapur is renowned for having a rich cultural heritage, and guests staying in homestays can take part in a variety of cultural events like traditional dance performances, pottery creation workshops, and woodcarving workshops. Local celebrations like Bisket Jatra, Indra Jatra, and Dashain are also open to visitors.

Sightseeing in Bhaktapur:

Visit one of the several historic temples, shrines, or palaces in Bhaktapur. The opportunity to explore these locations at their own pace and learn about their historical and cultural value can be provided by staying in a homestay.

Local Hosts in Bhaktapur:

Interacting with local hosts who may impart their knowledge of the area's culture and way of life is one of the major benefits of staying in a homestay. The hosts can also give you helpful information about the culture and traditions of the area as well as neighboring attractions.

Bandipur Homestay Tour

In the highlands of the Tanahun district in central Nepal, Bandipur is a hidden gem. For visitors looking for an authentic cultural experience, the town's well-preserved Newari architecture and rich cultural heritage make it the ideal location. The following are some attractions in Bandipur:

Architecture in Bandipur:

The Newari culture is reflected in the distinctive architectural style of Bandipur. Traditional homes, temples, and shrines may be seen all across the town. The beautiful woodcarvings, brickwork, and lattice windows can be observed while traveling along the narrow streets.

Temples and Shrines in Bandipur:

Bandipur is home to a number of famous old temples and shrines. Among the well-known ones are the Khadga Devi, Bindhyabasini, and Mahalaxmi temples. Visitors can observe the daily ceremonies and offerings and discover the residents' religious practices and beliefs.

Cultural Activities in Bandipur:

Bandipur is renowned for having a rich cultural past, and tourists can take part in traditional dance performances, pottery creation workshops, and woodcarving demonstrations. Local celebrations like Bisket Jatra, Indra Jatra, and Dashain are also open to visitors.

Trekking and hiking in Bandipur:

Bandipur is a fantastic location for hiking and trekking because it is surrounded by beautiful hills and mountains. For breathtaking panoramic views of the Himalayas, tourists can go up to the Siddha Gufa (cave) or hike higher up the neighboring hilltops.

Local Cuisine in Bandipur:

Visitors can sample the regional food in Bandipur. Newari cuisine is renowned for its distinctive flavors and spices. Traditional Newari fare is served in the neighborhood homestays and includes dishes like Choila (spicy grilled beef), Samay Baji (a Newari feast), and Aloo Tama (potato and bamboo shoot curry).

Panauti Homestay Tour

A unique cultural experience called Panauti Culture Homestay can be found in Nepal's Kavrepalanchok District in the town of Panauti. With the help of this program, visitors will get the chance to become fully immersed in local Nepali culture and lifestyle while staying with a local family.

Guests are welcomed into the house of a local family for the homestay and are given a nice room and typical Nepali food. A cultural orientation to the region and insights into local customs, traditions, and beliefs are also provided by the family to visitors. Also, visitors can take part in family activities including farming, cooking, and other housework.

In addition to participating in cultural activities, visitors can walk through Panauti's historic center. The town is home to numerous historic temples and shrines, including the Lord Shiva-dedicated Indreshwar Mahadev Temple.

A special and comprehensive cultural experience, Panauti Cultural Homestay enables visitors to learn more about Nepali culture. For those who wish to get a close-up look at local life and Nepali culture, this is a fantastic opportunity.