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Manaslu Guides Nepal DAY RIVER RAFTINGS

There are several rivers in Nepal where you can go rafting and have fun. For our clients, we have created various day rafting plans. If you only have a day, we can arrange a rafting excursion in Nepal for you. Your journey will begin in the morning, and you'll be driven back to Kathmandu or Pokhara by private transportation in the late afternoon. Just one day, but what a day it is, and what a day it is! Discover the fun, yet thrilling, rapids of the Trishuli River with your family, take in the breathtaking sights of nature, and spend quality time together.

There is a difference after just one day on the river! A river excursion allows you to unwind from the daily bustle and simply enjoy life while spending time with the people you love. The finest and easiest way to experience the satisfaction of spending time with family discovering new things in nature is to go on a river trip. It brings out the best in people, fills you with plenty of new experience and strength, puts you in a good mood, and fulfills you with all of these things.
Manaslu Guides Nepal's Day River Rafting Trip is offered by  with the following services, among others:

Departure: Every Day
Pick up & Drop: From and to hotel  in Kathmandu or Pokhara.
Trip Duration: 7:00 to 18:00 (11 hours)
Group Size: 1 to 40 people (10 people in one rafting boat)
Transportation: Private/tourist Vehicles
Cost Included: Private/tourist vehicle, Professional rafting guide and lunch
Cost Exclude: Insurance

Day Trip to Nepal Rafting The world's tallest mountains' glaciers and the Tibetan plateau's snow feed Nepal's fiery rivers, which offer thrilling chances for white water rafting and kayaking as well as an unrivaled view of a constantly changing landscape. The waters flow through Himalayan gorges, through harsh hillsides, travel through tropical forests, and meander across the Terai plains as they make their way to India's revered Ganges River.

One of the best and most exciting ways to escape the metropolis and see Nepal's rural life without expending the time and energy needed for a long trip is river running.
Like blue veins, Nepal's rivers connect the country's mountains and plains. Coming down from the mountains, they are both fierce and serene at moments, but they are always stunning. On the Trisuli and Bhotekoshi rivers, day trips are possible and just require a short drive from Kathmandu.